As Charming As They Come: Meet Mary 👋

The energy that drive Skyline Consulting Group is electric. Each personality a patch in a much larger quilt, forming a competitive, outgoing corporate culture.

Meet Mary, Team Lead within our firm’s Management Training Program and perhaps one of the most positive, energetic forces in our organization. A Dallas native for all 28 years of her life, Mary’s knowledge of the metroplex aids her tremendously when preparing for client meetings!

An only child and extremely close with her parents, Mary talks about the commitment and work ethic she learned from them, particularly her mother. An incredibly intelligent and advanced child, she recalls her school days spent in gifted & talented classes with a concentration in mathematics!

Starting private school in 6th grade, Mary spent her teen years before graduation doing calculus, drawing, and playing tennis for fun (yes, she does calculus for fun)! After walking the stage, she was confident in her decision to attend Texas Women’s University but unsure what to choose regarding her major. It wasn’t until she ran into an old friend and was telling them about her Calc I and II classes that they said “it sounds like you should be an engineer”…and so that’s what she did! Finishing up her studies at UT Arlington, Mary graduated in 2015 with a degree in Industrial Engineering!

Post graduation Mary spent time traveling and meticulously job seeking, still unsure what she wanted to do long term with her degree. Starting with Skyline Consulting Group in July 2016 with intentions of working part time to improve her communication and organization skills (needed to pursue a career in her major), Mary was immediately attracted to the corporate culture, environment, and people she met in the office.

13 months later, we think it’s safe to say that Mary’s desire to work part time has faded and her intensity has magnified. Constantly seeking advice and leadership tips from mentors both within and outside of our industry, Mary maintains the mentality of a student hungry to learn. When asked what she thinks is the biggest contribution she brings to the office, Mary replies “contagious energy”…and we couldn’t agree more!

With new responsibilities in the office of training, interviewing, and overseeing the development of a small team, Mary lives by the quote “either you manage others or you get managed.” With no intention of being an employee for the rest of her career, Mary is making strides in her management development with hopes of being promoted into a branch management position the first quarter of 2018. Entrepreneurial driven, she sees herself overseeing her own office location for our client and helping expand the Skyline name outside of Dallas.

When Mary’s not working you can find her bingeing Game of Thrones, working out, playing Counterstrike, or spending time with her significant other of 3 years! She is one of THE best reminders that your attitude determines so much in your life and can either make or break your career success. Luckily, with charm and a personality as killer as hers, we’re certain Mary is destined for big things here at Skyline Consulting Group.